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Adoption of 2014 edition of National Electrical Code®

NEC in effect

The 2014 edition of the National Electrical Code® (NEC®) was issued by the NFPA Standards Council on August 1, 2013. The effective date, which is the date that it replaces the prior (2011 edition) in the NFPA family of codes and standards, was August 21, 2013.  As of that date, the 2014 NEC became officially available for adoption by federal, state, county, and municipal governmental entities.

To date, 32 states have commenced their respective process to update the statute or administrative rule through which the NEC is adopted to reference the 2014 edition. As of July 1, 2014 eight more states began enforcing the 2014 NEC for a total of ten states overall.  In a couple of states, the update is from the 2008 to 2014 edition of the NEC. If you have a question on the status of NEC adoption in any state, please contact your NFPA Regional Electrical Code Specialist.

Following is a list of states, with links to the board or agency responsible for promulgating the NEC, currently in the process of adopting the 2014 NEC.

 State  Effective Date
Alabama June 2014 (for the Alabama Electrical Contractors Board for testing purposes only) 
Alaska TBD
Arkansas TBD
Colorado July 1, 2014 
Connecticut TBD
Georgia January 1, 2015 
Hawaii  TBD
Idaho  July 1, 2014 
Iowa  January 1, 2015 
Kentucky  October 1, 2014 
Maine  August 1, 2014 
Maryland  January 1, 2015 
Massachusetts  January 1, 2014 
Michigan  TBD
Minnesota  July 1, 2014 
Montana  September 1, 2014 
Nebraska  April 9, 2014 
New Hampshire  January 1, 2015 
New Jersey  TBD
New Mexico  August 1, 2014 
North Carolina  TBD
North Dakota  September 1, 2014 
Ohio  January 1, 2015 
Oklahoma  TBD
Oregon  October 1, 2014 
Rhode Island  July 1, 2014 
South Dakota  July 1, 2014 
Texas  September 1, 2014 
Utah  TBD
Vermont  July 1, 2014 
Washington July 1, 2014
Wyoming  July 1, 2014

2104 NEC adoption process underway